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Singapore POS digital weighing scale for wet markets.

All in one integrated digital systems that allow you to seamlessly weigh, log and charge your customers on any items that you sell. Specifically aimed towards hawker vendors, the software was designed around greater ease-of-use which is then provided to you at an affordable pricing. Easy to use and set-up POS weighing scale, StarVision has a large inventory of highly customisable Weighing scale POS Hardware as well as Software.

Highly Customisable

Our POS weighing scale POS systems will allow you to programme and customise the software to your specific preference. You can make aesthetic changes like changing the colour and adding images to the items. You can also programme discounts and items into the system. The POS and POS weighing scale system also provides on the spot analytics and sales reports that easily allows you to understand how your sales are doing.

Fast and Easy to use

It is easy and simple to operate as the entire system is governed by menus and windows, together with on-line help messages. In addition each module is designed with the same operational procedure. New users need only to learn and be familiar with one module, and will soon be familiar with them all. Hence even users with no computer experience will find it easy to operate..

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