Time Management System
Time Clock

Our Time Clock module enables users to clock their Time Attendance from a desktop or a range of mobile devices from tablets to smartphones. Our services include location matching (via GeoFencing technology), matching against a predefined schedule and many more. Get in touch with us to find out more (link to contact us, same as order button in existing time management module)

Approving Time Attendance records could be tough, especially when there are thousands to millions of records. Our approval system boasts a robust routing functionality to get the right records to the right approver. Approve Time Attendance records easily with various filters to show only the records you need to see.

Time Attendance Approval

Relay information to relevant parties in real-time. Our Time Attendance Notification can be configured to send out reminders or simply notifiers for specified time attendance-related events. Notifications can also be customised to meet your business’s needs.


TMS Reports are a great way to get an overview of the Time Attendance records. Here in MecWise, we have an extensive range of reports to cater for any analysis you may require. Reports can also be customised to cater to unique requirements.

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Enhances productivity and effectiveness in time management and data processing. MecWise TMS ensures full flexibility in processing time clock data and user defined variables to calculate information on daily working hours for payroll computation.

Distinctive Features

  • Handles staff strength of over 1,000
  • Handles unlimited pairs of in and out clocking data to cater for multiple staff movement
  • Handles computation of perfect attenances, shift allowances, transport & meal allowance, overtime, undertime, early hours, lateness and absent days
  • Comprehensive statistic reports
  • Comprehensive statistic reports
  • Ready integration/interface with MecWise Suite
  • Interface with any T&A devices


Functions included

  • Provide vacation tables for user to store all records of public holidays and off days of company. Also provides card tables to maintain all clock cards issued.
  • Allows user to import clock data (Text File Format) or data stored in Excel files to TMS.
  • Process the time data and calculate results for leave and error status, total work hours, early hours, lateness, under time and OT.
  • Provide data entry and edit facility for user to add/amend/delete the time data after processing.
  • (e) Process the entitlement of Perfect Attendance Award.
  • Produce reports specified in time management system requirements.