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MecWise®POS is a comprehensive and fully integrated Point of Sale system designed to ease the cashiers's job. Built on forefront technology, the system provide you with the necessary tools to run your business efficiently, effectively and electronically and smoothen the back-end accounting process.

Distinctive Features

  • Helps organisation to continuously enhance productivity
  • Full discount/ promotion modules to ease setting of parameters
  • Enhance customer service: system supports Gift voucher handling
  • Interface with user defineable keyboard
  • Suspend/Retrieve transactions
  • Protects your retail front by alerting when retail price is below cost


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POS Screen
POS Sale Screen
Payment Screen
Inventory - Good Receive Note
Inventory - Good Issue Note
Stock Master File
Supplier Invoice
Customer Invoice
Company Master



Features Availible In Retail POS

The followings are the list of features that you can gain in Mecwise Retail POS. Both the POS Front End and POS Back End system allows you to do the functions related with the sales like create/view a sale, print the receipts. etc.,. In the POS Back End system, you can manage your store such as keeping essential basic data, generating of customer and supplier invoices, managing your inventory. Moreover, you can view the professional management reports about your sales, purchases and inventory. Please click each of the following links for more details.


POS Front End

1. Cash Register
2. Price Override
3. Alert when the price is lower then cost
4. Item Void
5. Transaction Void
6. Refund Item
7. Exchange Item
8. Hold Transaction
9. Recall Transaction
10. Reprint Receipt
11. X-Report
12. View Bill
13. Multi Payment mode
14. Voucher
15. Pay Deposit
16. Offset Deposit
17. Allow Item for discount and not allow
18. Promotion Item by amount and percentage
19. Bundle Discount
20. Receipt Discount by Amount
21. Receipt Discount by percentage
22. Item Discount by Amount
23. Item Discount by Percentage
24. Member Discount
25. Multi Currency payment mode
26. Download
27. Upload
28. Shift Close
29. Consolidate report
30. Easy to search item
31. Stock item and non stock item
32. On Hand Stock Check
33. Touch Screen Capability
34. Image group button
35. Image item button
36. Auto Save
37. Price Category
POS Back End

1. Company Master
2. Currency Master
3. Employee Type
4. Employee
5. Customer
6. Supplier
7. Tax Master
8. UOM Master
9. Stock Group
10. Stock Master
11. Stock Enquiry
12. Alternate Stock No
13. Member Discount
14. Promotion Master
15. Price Plan Master
16. Bundle Group Master
17. Bundle Discount Master
18. Price Adjustment Master
19. Image Group Definition
20. Image Item Definition
21. Customer Invoice
22. Credit Note
23. Supplier Invoice
24. Good Receive
25. Good Issue
26. Stock Take
27. Stock Take upload
28. Voucher
29. Excel Report
30. IniSetting
31. Security Group
32. Security Profile
33. User Account Profile
34. Create Login Application
35. Detail Sales listing by invoice Report
36. Best Sales Report
37. Sales Report
38. Sales Summary Report
39. Hourly Summary Report
40. Sales Summary Report by Salesman
41. Sales Detail Report by Salesman
42. Detail Purchase listing by Invoice
43. Detail Purchase listing by Supplier
44. Inventory Good Receive listing Report
45. Inventory Good Issued listing Report
46. Stock Take Adjusment Report
47. Inventory Status Report (FIFO)
48. Inventory Movement (Warehouse)
49. Inventory Movement (FIFO)
50. Inventory Movement (Weighted Average)
51. Inventory Aging Report (Warehouse)
52. Gross profit & Loss analysis by Invoice