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Hawker Brochure

State of the art Hawker Point-Of-Sales(POS) software solution not yet seen on the market. Specifically aimed towards hawker vendors,the software was designed around greater ease-of-use which is then provided to you at an affordable pricing.

Order Management

The Hawker POS software is able to function as a standalone self-service kiosk which in turn lightens workload and manpower requirements.

GO Digital

GO Digital by taking advantage of the self-service function, the Hawker POS software has an auto acknowledgement feature for PayNow/PayLah payment methods. The order will be automatically completed when payment is recieved.

Kitchen Management

Orders will be displayed in a Kitchen-Display-System(KDS) thus providing a straight-forward procedure of orders which in turn will reduce misplacement and/or mismanagement of orders.

Guest Management

After completing an order the customer will be notified via either SMS or with our Mecwise Messenger app. This will improve overall customer satisfaction as they no longer have to stand in queue while waiting for their order.


The Hawker POS software also provides analytics and overall sale that could be viewed and exported.