RPP320 3inch Portable Label Printer Bluetooth
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Product Features
  • 1. Support various of intelligent terminal , PDA printing
  • 2. Support one dimensional code, QR code, image, curves printing
  • 3. Water proof, dust proof IP54 ( can work even in heavy rainstorm weather)
  • 4. Resist fall 2.0 concrete
  • 5. CCC, CE, FCC certificate
  • 6. Fast charging, finish charging in 3 hours. Support dual charging( adaptor fast charging, USB slow charging to meet client’s demand of using while charging)
  • 7. Compatible for black mark paper, gap label, sucessive paper
  • 8. Support button function
Technical Specifications
Model RPP320
Display OLED single color:Blue
Printing method thermal line
Effective printing width 72mm
Printing Resolution 203dpi
Printing speed 90mm/s(MAX)
Paper width MAX:80mm
Label height height min 20mm max250mm
Paper warehouse capacity 50mm
Interface 1.Bluetooth+USB; 2.Wifi+USB; 3.Bluetooth+Wifi+USB.
Power supply 1*DC connector 3 .5*1.5 12V 1A
Buttons Power, Uncover, Feed
Sound Beeps
Compatibility XP,Win7,Win8,Win10,ios, Android, Linux,MacOS
Function 1. Support all kinds of intelligent terminals,PDA printing 2. Support one dimensional code, QR CODE, image,and curve printing 3. Compatible with black label paper, Sewing paper,continuous paper,linerless paper 4. Support burton Function
Temperature Working: 0℃—45, Storage: -10 ℃—60℃
Humidity Working : 20%—90% ; Storage: 10% —90%