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Mecwise AI Weighing Scales
MecWise Artificial Intelligence (AI) weighing scales / Weighing Scales AI is the latest technological upgrade that will help to simplify and streamline your sales operations and processes. Mecwise AI Weighing Scales make use of state-of-the-art computer vision image analysis that allows the system to recognise the item being weighed and change the rates all while the item is placed on the weighing scale and being weighed. This in turns allows users to simply place the item on the weighing scale and the system will be able to recognise what is placed and charge based on how much it weighs, all this is then automatically inserted into the POS in the blink of an eye. These streamlined processes will reduce wait times, shorten lines and increase sales.

What is Artificial Intelligence AI?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence demonstrated by machines that is a simulation of human intelligence processes. It is able to improve it's accuracy through testing it conducts on itself.

Other Weighing Scales and POS functionailties that makes use of Mecwise AI

  • Customer Preferences - POS Systems with Mecwise AI will be able to analyse trends and products and offer them to customers to help upsell. The AI would also be able to recommend items that the customer would be interested in(self service pos)
  • Inventory management - Mecwise AI will be able to help you monitor trends and manage your inventory based on these trends. It will also help you to keep track of your current inventory and order more if your stock is getting low or if it predicts that you will require more due to trends it has analysed.
  • Facial Recognition - Facial recognition capabilities allows the system to identify age, gender, ethnicity as well as other factors that could affect what they would buy. Furthermore by also being able to remember their profile and past orders, the system would be able to recommend and push other products that the customer may be interested in buying as well as providing a more personal experience to the user.
  • Voice Ordering - Being able to order via speech will be a great alternative to allow any users that may require such an option. This will also allow users to adhere to the safe distancing policies as they will not even need to touch the device's surface.